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Octopus Energy referral provides a code and a link so you can switch your Electric or Electric and gas to Octopus Energy.

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Using my Link you will be able to join quickly and receive a £50 or £100 credit to your account, depending on whether you are a Residential Customer or a Business Customer, after approximately 3 weeks.

My Referral Code is amber-lion-244
My Referral link is share.octopus.energy/amber-lion-244
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On this site you can find instructions on how to Join Octopus Energy by using a Link, calling or by email.

This site has a dedicated page for a Business Customer as applying to join is slightly different than for Residential Customers.

About Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is a thriving new Utility Company that is harnessing the power of the Smart Meter.


  • Sells only 100% Renewable Energy.
  • Answers calls within minutes
  • Has ingenious Tariffs based on technology and a Smart Meter.
  • Has won numerous Awards for Service
  • Has thousands of 5* reviews.
  • Caters to Customers that have Solar Panels
  • Caters to Customers that have Electric Vehicles EVs.
  • Provides assistance to the most vulnerable.

To read more about Octopus please visit the Octopus website

How to contact Octopus Energy

Website:- https://octopus.energy/

Phone:- 0808 164 1088

Email address:- hello@octopus.energy

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octopus energy solar farm

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